We are ContactFree, an organisation born from the COVID-19 global pandemic, at a time when businesses and companies are having to close their doors, searching desperately for a way to carry on trading

CONTACTFREE is the safe handling & transaction of consumer goods

The CONTACTFREE trademark shows this to the world

Contact Free Delivery


The COVID-19 Pandemic has closed industries around the world, those still trading have introduced safe systems when handling and transporting consumer goods to protect both customers & employees

ContactFree was first created when industries and business all around the world were closing to help combat the further spread of the COVID-19 pandemic

The businesses and companies still trading needed a way to show their customers and communities they have introduced safe systems and that they are still trading

A clear-cut symbol that shows the world they’ve stepped it up

They needed ContactFree™

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Contactless Delivery


ContactFreeensures a product is handled safe & sealed between manufacturer and consumer

A Food Delivery business could operate a ContactFree system such as:

  • Kitchen staff Prepare, Package and Seal food safely then secure in delivery bag

  • Delivery driver collects bag from ContactFree™ collection point

  • Once arrived at agreed drop-off location driver will contact customer, open bag and retreat 2 metres

  • Customer now safe to retrieve their ContactFree™ sealed order maintaining all Social Distancing standards


ContactFree is not restricted by industry, show your customers higher standards when you seal consumer goods at the source

Show them, ContactFree


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Use CONTACTFREE FREE across your marketing materials & show your customers you’ve adapted your systems for safe trading

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